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Nor'Westers Readers Permission Slip

Dear Parents


We, at the Theodore A Sloan School have been invited to participate in the Nor’wester Readers Canine Assisted Learning Program, a special program which uses registered therapy dogs to enhance the educational environment. Beginning on October 5th, we will have two special visitors in our room every Wednesday morning. They are Mrs. Michele Lecker, a retired CR North teacher and her therapy dog Rory.


Both Michele and Rory are very excited about working with the students of Sloan. They will visit and participate with us during our Language Arts time. Sometimes the students will be reading to Rory, and other times Rory will be part of their Grad Project or creative writing time.


     Student participation with Rory will be based on their comfort level.


I’m very excited to be able to participate in this program. Before Rory begins his visits, we will need permission from you for your child to participate.  Please sign and return the permission slip below by Septemebr 11, 2014.


More information about the Nor’wester Readers program is available at




Josie Helmuth-Rowe


Please print the following out and have it returned by your student.

Place a check mark on each preceding blank to indicate that you are granting permission.


___ I give permission for my child (PRINT child’s full name) to participate in the Nor’wester Readers program. __________________________________________


I give permission for photographs of my child to potentially be used in:

___ Council Rock and building publicity

___ NWR Videotapes

___ Newspaper and magazine articles

___ On the NWR webpage and NWR program brochures

___ On the NWR FaceBook page

___ Photographs may be used, but do not identify my child by name


Parent name: (please print) _______________________________________________________________


Parent signature:                                                                                Date: