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Driving Privilege Information

Student Regulations for driving a vehicle to the Sloan School




Rules Governing Parking on the Sloan School Campus


1. Only those students who qualify and properly register their vehicles are permitted to park on school property.


2. The privilege of parking on school property is extended to Juniors and Seniors only who meet the criteria for parking. Students must show good academic standing, satisfactory attendance, and no failing grades.


3. Students are not permitted to go to the parking lot during school hours without written administrative approval or must be accompanied by one of Sloan’s Staff Members.


4. The student’s signature on the car registration form is proof that the student received the STUDENT DRIVING REGULATIONS and that he/she assumes the responsibility for complying with these regulations.


5. By registering and/or parking a car on CRHS Sloan property, you are consenting to a search of the car upon the request of the Administration for the purpose of preventing its use for illegal purposes and to protect the welfare of the student body.



Council Rock School District is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to any vehicle.