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How to Submit Attendance Notification Forms




To:      Parents of Sol Feinstone Students

Re:       Online Absence Reporting



Having trouble getting those absence excuse notes from the backpack to the office?  You may now send absence excuse messages for your child through our website.  For security reasons, you first need to register with the CR website.  Here is the procedure for getting started:


How to Register to the CRSD Website


1)      First, go to

2)      In the upper right hand corner of the page, there is a button that says register.  Click on that link, and fill in the necessary information.  Please keep this information private, do not share it with your children.  We do not want students logging in and doing this on their own.

3)      After you have registered, you will need to sign in (located next to the register button) each time you want to submit an attendance notification to the school office.


How to Submit an Attendance Notification


1)      Go to the Sol Feinstone homepage. 

2)      Log in using your username and password.

3)      After logging in, click on Attendance Notification, located on the left side of the screen.

4)      Fill in all of the necessary fields, and click submit.  This will be sent to the secretaries in the office.  It is not necessary to send in a note with your child after the absence if you have used this form.
5)   If a parent locks his/her account (by entering the password incorrectly too many times), he/she needs to re-register to use the absence form. 


Please let the main office know if you experience any technical glitches with this online form.  This online method of reporting your child’s absence or tardiness is an option, not a requirement. You may continue to send in excuse notes in paper form if you wish.