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5th and 6th Grade After School Sports Schedule

5th and 6th Grade After School Sports Schedule (updated 11/28/16)


*Note: Schedule may change if the number of participants is high! Check the schedule periodically!


5th Grade: Tuesday from 3:45-4:45

Group A:  Vaughn and Bonilla

Group B:  Peloso, Kaehler, Owings



November 29th    Group A

December 6th      Group B

December 13th     Group A

December 20th     Group B

January 10th       Group A

January 17th       Group B

January 31st       Group A

February 7th      Both A and B

*Please arrive at 4:45 to pick your child up! Have a plan BEFORE school starts!


6th Grade: Wednesday from 3:45-4:45


Group A:  Eckelmeyer and Smith

Group B:  Galanti, Coolahan & Kaleck, and Grimes



November 30th        Group A

December 7th           Group B

December 14th        Group A

December 21st       Group B

January 11th         Group A

January 18th         Group B

February 1st        Group A

February 8th        Both A and B attend this day!

Please arrive at 4:45 to pick up your child! Make a plan BEFORE school starts in the morning. Carpooling is encouraged! :)