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 Sports Physical Forms
With the passage of the "Safety in Youth Sports Act" in November 2011 (effective June 3, 2012)
and the more recent "Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act" in May 2012 (effective on July 29, 2012)
all Sports Physical Forms have undergone a major update.
The following forms are due to the Coach before the first day of tryouts or practice.
No forms No practice/tryouts
 Physicals must be completed AFTER JUNE 1, 2016. This must be completed each year. 
Click the link below for the PIAA physical packet:  




- Use this form (link above) if this is the 1st sport you are participating in at Holland Middle School beginning September, 2016.
- All fall athletes MUST complete every form in this packet.
Click the link below for the re-certification form: 


- Additional sports in the same school (winter and spring) year will only require the Re-certification Form. Please hand it in to the coach of the new sport.  Please also fill out section 1 "Personal and Emergency Information" from the PIAA packet and attach it to your re-certification form.

All prospective middle school athletes must take the new CIPPE forms to their family physician and have them filled out in order to participate in school athletics. All prospective athletes are to have their sports physicals completed before the beginning of the school year. This physical will be valid for the entire school year if the student is not injured during a particular season and requires medical attention. At the beginning of the winter and spring sports seasons parents will be required to fill out the recertification form so that the student may participate in a sport during each season. If the student has not been injured and required medical attention, the recertification form is sufficient to participate. If the health office, after reviewing the form, deems it necessary for a physician recertification, the student will need to see the physician who originally did the physical and be recertified to compete.