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Richboro Middle School
From the Desk of the Principal 
Andrew J. Sanko

March 1, 2017
Dear RMS Families,

Technology has become the final frontier. The term “digital native” was coined to identify those born after the widespread adoption of digital technology, and to whom technology is a constant presence. Our students, digital natives all, are growing up using the internet, mobile devices, tablets and PC’s to explore, learn, and to interact socially. Beyond being natives, our students are digital experts – they possess a digital literacy that surpasses those of adults, and as such, require our continued vigilance, guidance and support.

Given the prevalence of technology, it is important to remind students about the appropriate use of their devices and the use of social media. Many regrettable posts and messages could have been prevented if students were educated in the pragmatic skills of using social media. To that end, helping children learn how to navigate their way in the digital world is a complicated business. Those of us in education need parents like you to be involved as active and open learners about the digital world, learners who can engage with us, their children and their children’s teachers, in much-needed conversations about digital matters.

We support and endorse the appropriate use of technology, and endeavor to educate students and their families to the many possible dangers associated with it. To help remind students about internet/social media safety, we have partnered with the Northampton Township Police Department, whose members will be visiting RMS over the next weeks to speak with students about social media safety. This outreach underscores the same important guidance that students received earlier in the year, and we feel the lesson – as well as our student’s welfare - is important enough to revisit this topic.

Andrew J. Sanko

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