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From the Desk of the Principal 
Andrew J. Sanko

February 1, 2017
Dear RMS Families,

Happy February! Of the many ways diversity is celebrated in our country, perhaps none has more potential impact than honoring a particular culture. Traditionally, February is African-American History Month, dedicated to raise awareness of the achievements and contributions of African-Americans to national history. In recognizing the African-American experience, we have the opportunity to educate our children about diversity and inclusion, and to learn from the past so to ensure a better future. February was chosen as African-American History month in part to remember the birthday of Frederick Douglass, the famous African-American activist and orator. Douglass once said, “It is easier to grown strong children than mend broken men.” At RMS, we continue to dedicate ourselves to building strong, compassionate children, and remembering that our diversity is our strength.

To continue the learning at home about Frederick Douglass, and the history of African-American History month, check out this link from

Andrew J. Sanko

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