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    Welcome to the Little Leaves STEM webpage!  Check back here weekly for updates, photos, changes in schedule, and other information regarding our STEM program

     Little Leaves UPDATE January 30, 2017

    Little Leaves for the January Session has concluded.  Students will not meet on Thursday mornings until further notice.

    Please click here for the latest Little Leaves update that includes links to the activities and resources we used in class. 

    Your feedback is important; please let us know if your child enjoyed our program, and what they learned!  Ask them to share their experience with you!


    Little Leaves update January 4

    Today in Little Leaves we introduced the Engineering Design Process.  Our students were presented with a problem, and worked in groups to collaborate on a solution!  The problem was to build a bridge that a small car could cross over under its own power.  Our students rose to the challenge, and each group constructed a unique bridge, and learned a bit about engineer thinking in the process!

    What I Did Today in Little Leaves



    Holland Elementary Science Fair

    Wednesday, February 22 
    It is time for students to begin preparing for the upcoming Science Fair at Holland Elementary!  Our annual Science Fair is a showcase for discovery, learning, and all the neat ways you can explore the principles and methods of the world of Science!  Astronomy, Physics, Geology, Biology, Chemistry.....you can choose any area of science that interests you and find a fun experiment to share with others!  There are many places on the internet to help you find the right experiment for you - and these sites also help you with planning, materials, setting up your poster display, and how to demonstrate your project for others!
    For a start try SCIENCE BUDDIES for great ideas and a list of projects!  And if you need help, ask your classroom teacher!