Newtown Elementary School

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Bird watching is the identification and observation of wild birds in their natural habitat.

Newtown Elementary staff and students in 3rd and 4th grade began observing the school’s courtyards last year.  The staff and PTO provided bird feeders, bird houses, and seed to encourage birds to stop.  During recess time the students began to learn how to use binoculars and how to find birds not only at school but at home with help from Bucks County Audubon.  The interest was so overwhelming we applied for a grant to the Council Rock Educational Foundation.  In May, we were awarded a grant for this year to develop our birding club; Budding Birders.  This school year with the support of the Council Rock Educational Foundation we now have installed new feeders, iPads, field guides, seed, storage bins and more binoculars! 

This is our website to share our adventure.

  On 13 May 2017, almost 20,000 birders from 150 countries around the world joined together as a global team, contributing more than 50,000 checklists containing 6,564 species—more than 60% of the world’s birds. This is a new record for the number of bird species reported in a single day, and it’s thanks to you. From Antarctica to Zimbabwe, your contributions make this possible.