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Welcome to Humanities

December, 2016 
Hi Families!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with family and friends. Here's some highlights and happenings from our Humanities classroom:

Our second graders have continued their study of Pentominoes. We have been playing some complex, higher level thinking games, where the kiddos are learning to use game strategy, while continuing their learning about translational geometry. We also fit in Tech Time to continue our learning of the advanced features of Power Point. Hopefully, your kiddo is coming home excited about what's been happening in Humanities.

In 3rd grade, our students are continuing to learn about various communities and what makes them similar and different. There are many amazing enrichment projects in progress now. Here's a sampling of what some kiddos have been working on:
* an original song about geography, created in GarageBand, with lyrics and choreography
* a logo for The Willis Tower, created in PowerPoint
* a travel blog, created in Google Sites
* a word search, made with MS Word Tables, including key vocabulary terms from our textbook
* an acrostic poem about diversity, created in 
* a comic strip, made in PowerPoint. One kiddo is working on the main storyline, another is working on the prequel, and a third kiddo is creating the sequel.
In 4th grade, we've been focused on the study of our own state, Pennsylvania. We also started to build a website in Google Sites about our state. And, we've been taking time to read a novel called The Bread Sister of Sinking Creek. Next week, we'll get to meet the author of the book, Robin Moore.
Our 5th graders have been studying geography and government. We learned a few new study strategies, while preparing for the district assessment. Next, we'll be working on a research project about the artifacts we dug up on our Tyler Park dig trip.
In 6th grade, we have been studying about ancient cultures and creating enrichment projects to go along with our curriculum content. Here is a sampling of some of the creative projects that the kiddos have been working on:
* a word cloud of our key vocabulary, created in
* a 3D model/map of the Nile River Valley 
* a poster-sized infographic about ancient Sumer, created in
* a board game modeled after Monopoly, about ancient civilizations, created in PowerPoint and printed on the poster printer
* a interactive trivia game, created in
As you can see, we've been very busy and the kiddos are producing complex, highly creative projects! Thank you for all your support at home with our Flipped Classroom. The kiddos have been doing a fabulous job keeping up with their reading and showing up ready to engage in rich discussions and to do well on their assessments. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Take care,
Sue McDonald
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