Hillcrest Elementary School

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  • Stitch Drawing

    The Hillcrest art room is a place of creativity, learning, and fun! All students in grades 1 through 6 visit the art room once per week. In the art room we learn how to use new tools and materials, we practice problem-solving techniques, and we discuss our own artwork and the artwork of others! We do all of this to encourage students to become art critics, historians, aestheticians, and art producers! The Council Rock Visual Arts Curriculum provides many examples of artistic genius to inspire and promote artistic expression. Each grade is provided with a diverse range of paintings, sculptures, and works of architecture to consider while they create their own projects. Please consult the grade-level tabs on this page to learn more about what each grade is currently studying!




    Meet the Art Teachers!

    Ms. Miguelez – Ms. Miguelez teaches classes Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday! She can be reached at mmiguelez@crsd.org

    Mrs. Frey – Mrs. Frey teaches afternoon classes every Wednesday! She can be reached at sfrey@crsd.org


    To call one of the art teachers please dial the classroom: 215-944-1616