Newtown Middle School

Success for every student, every day


Team Infinity
When we treat each other with respect and are committed to doing our best, there is no end to what we can accomplish together. 
Newtown Middle School
All homework requests must go through the main office 
A student must be absent at least 3 school days before work will be prepared.
Electronic Absence Reporting Form
RA Clinic Schedule
English Clinic in Room 133:  every day (except 1A & 5B)

Math Clinic in Room 13:  Day 5A
Science Clinic in Room 156:  by appointment (n/a Day 3A)
Social Studies Clinic in Room 14:  by appointment (n/a Days 3A & 5B)

Don't forget to get a pass before the 8:05 bell

Congratulations to our  Students of the Month!
Raj Kansara & Sabrina Pasemann
 Brett Weitzel & Hope Kudgis
 Ben Barsky & Rebecca Ripans
 Ari Gold & Mary Baniewicz
 Justin Burns & Kara Hill
 James Zulli & Anoushka Athreya
Austin Ruggles & Julia Walton
Richard Fang & Allison Roe
The characteristics we look for in a Student of the Month include:   a good student and person, possessing an exemplary work ethic, initiative & class performance. We also look for students who contribute to the team and the school and treat their peers and teachers with respect!
Second Marking Period Recognition Breakfast Winners:

Courtesy & Respect:  Sarah Lewis & Zach Van Arsdale
Responsibility:  Amelia Honer & Austin Ruggles
Effort: Brooke Fischer & Akshit Mahajan
Cooperation:  Anushka Rajmohan & Blake Koch
First Marking Period Recognition Breakfast Winners:

Courtesy & Respect:  Peter Pavlov & Ellen Haring
Responsibility:  Ari Gold & Erin Cohee
Effort: Sean McCafferty & Kate Fedotova
Cooperation:  Connor Atkinson & Allison Roe

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