Council Rock School District

Success for every student, every day

The Council Rock School District hires per diem substitute employees on a continual basis.

Per Diem Substitution is day to day work in our district for the absences of our staff or to fill openings in our schools that occur for training and/or testing.

Certified Teachers
  • Professional Substitute Employees: Candidates who have successfully passed the Council Rock School District's centralized screening process for professional staff, may substitute in day to day assignments and in long term assignments (over 10 days but under 90 days). Candidates who have passed the screening, may become a substitute by contacting Ms. Monica McLaughlin at 215-944-1000 or via email at
  • Candidates who have not yet passed the centralized screening process, may substitute in day to day assignments after completing an initial screening process. Please apply by following this link. 


Non-Certified Teachers
  • Individuals holding a bachelor's degree who are not certified to teach in the State of Pennsylvania, may complete a training program that will allow them to begin working as a substitute teacher. The following link explains more about the Guest Teacher Training Program.  Follow this link to learn more. 

Support Staff Substitutes:

  • Must apply online and must complete a centralized screening interview.

In order to begin substituting in our district, all of the requirement documentation must be completed.  Contact Ms. Monica McLaughlin in the Human Resources Office to schedule an appointment to complete your substitute paperwork, please call 215-944-1000 or email

Pay Rates:

Per Diem Substitute Teacher: Daily Rate $100 per day

An assignment of ten consecutive days or longer: $130 per day

Support Staff Substitute Rate: T. A. - $9.00/hour; Office Aides - $8.00/hour; Recess/Café - $8.00/hour; Security Guard - $18.00/hour; Nurses - $25/hour